Spiritual Awakening Embodying our Divine Mystery Journeys for New Earth Activation


Live and Recorded Webinars  MP3 and Youtube

Lightlanguage Sound Healing - Channelled Coded Guided Journey's 

 Working with Galactic Team of Light Ascended Masters

 Channelling Light Coded Activations.

Calling in Divine Soul Star Seed Aspects and Divine Avatars 

Enlightening Dormant DNA

Star Seed and Past Life Remembering

Reclaim our Ascended Higher Multi-Dimensional Rememberance 

Becoming Conscious CoCreators 

Rebirthing our Soul Avatar Selves  

Introduction to Sacred Geometry and GridWork Gatekeeping

New Earth Templates Codes and Ancient Inner Earth Activations

Service work Kundalini Awakening for Union of Sacred Feminine Masculine  

Divine Source Dragon and Whale 

Sacred Isis Mary Magdalene Rose Mystery Temple 

Holy Grail - Golden Diamond Ray - Sacred Nectar of Creation

Priest Priestess Oracle 

Temples of Light - We are the Universe

Source Codes

Diamond Light Healing Ray of Lady Nada - Light Language Sound Activation Guided Journey,

 For Releasing Pain - 11:33mins

Mary Magdalene Divine Healing Rose Activation Journey with Sounding and Light Language - 10MINs

White Lions Gateway Sirius Lyra Vega ~ Divine Flame Light Language Sound Activation Guided Journey - 15MINS


Solar Logos Golden Temple Sound Journey Activation - 30mins


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