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Soul Conversation with Todd Medina and Zahara Celestial on Soulogy 


2020 Golden Gateway Illumination Invocation LightLanguage Activation 


I will remember to pour my Love heart intention through all my deeds. All my thoughts my words my movements actions. Through my every breath I will remember Gaia is breathing me. With my every breath I will remember the Sun Divine is breathing me. With my every breath I honour myself and you with this joyful remembrance. May I allow all that I am be a celebration of the Divine. Distilling the blood tears of this beautiful shared experience of life in to the cup of such 

Wonder Beauty Delight and LOVE.


Calling Dragons - Channelled Light Language with Gong Sounding Activation 


When those around us were unable to give or receive love

And we felt lost or heart broken

It was so the light of who we are could shine for ourselves and others

For we are the ones we had been waiting for


Golden Grail Source Sounding Light Language Coded Activation Meditation


Galactic Ascended Beings of Vega Activation Prayer Invocation