Welcome to New Earth Community our space to Gather Share Remember Explore and Learn. A place for support as we navigate these Ascension Times. A place to connect with our Soul StarSeed Tribe. A place to Co-Create CommUnity. The time of feeling experiencing being alone is over. It is time for us to gather together and Shine. To know it is safe and we are all needed all have gifts all are unique.   Every Month there will be these Offerings LIVE and Recorded.  


  • 60 minutes JOURNEY LIVE Activations with Galactic Team of Light. The Ascended Ones will Guide the Journey's and each will be unique to the specific Time Energy and Gateway Portals. All will include LightLanguage Sounding plus Channelled Guidance.
  • 60 minutes GROUP SHARE LIVE Ascension Intel and Q&A followed by Group Optional Sharing for your Messages Channelling and Lightlanguage. A place to expand your Channelling in a supportive safe space. Some of these will be spontaneous others will have a Theme which we have been Guided to focus our Energy Healing Channeling together.
  • 60 minute HEALING/SOUNDING/READING LIVE Activation Channelling for Group and Collective focusing on Keys Activations Downloads Upgrades Soul Remembering Retrievals PLUS a Healing Reading Activation Channeling with TWO members.
  • Access to all Previous Recordings.

The 60 Minutes live Journey I will be Guided by our Interstellar Family of Light Guides Ascended Ones to take us on a Journey Activation with Sounding and Light Language. Each one will be unique. And might

also include Trans channelling information Guidance and LIVE intel on Ascension Timeline and Energies.

​The 60 Minutes Group Share Live will give space to bring Questions for discussion on the main topics themes current for us such as Kundalini Awakening - Ascension Awakening with the Body - Walk-ins -  Twin Souls - Soul Contracts - Paths - Past Lives - Guides - Channelling - Light Language - Shadow Work. Alongside this will be Light Language Activations and Channelled Messages from the Ascended Team of Light. Followed by Space for Group Sharing of Light Language  Channelled Sounding and Messages. 

​The 60 minutes Live Sound Healing Reading Session will be focusing on the Collective Group Journey with TWO Patreon Members. This will give an opportunity for the Group to  experience Guidance Light Language Codes Remembering and Release as we are all reflections of one another.

​On Stellar Gateway Portal Openings such as Summer Solstice or significant dates such as  8:8 I will do extra Lives to Channel Messages with Light Language and / or Journey Activations. This will be in the moment.  Plus if there is a significant Monthly Ascension Energy Update  that my Team of Light need me to share.

And remember all will be recorded and available on Patreon Page.

 No downloads needed and you can join and leave at your choosing.   

My heart is so filled with joy to be offering this and I am so looking forward to connecting supporting being of service during this challenging and exciting times of Transition Evolution and Growth.   

With MUCH LOVE and Gratitude  Zahara


$28 / £22 or more per month.

One set exchange.

Exchange is taken on 1st of Each Month.

If you join after 1st payment will be taken on the date joined and there after on the 1st of each month.

Membership includes access to everything the Offerings LIVE and Recorded plus all bonuses offers and past Recordings.