Embody Your Soul Resonance

We have been carved rough around the edges and bathed in the centre 

To reveal Source her polished Seed.

I will guide witness support you on your journey 

To your Soul Connection Releasing Ancestral Past Lifetime Contracts Beliefs Programmes Energies

Dis-Ease within Spirit Mind Body  

Remembering and Anchoring 

Your Soul StarSeed Resonance in the Now

You will gain Space to receive Upgrades Codes Light Resonances 

So you will have your unique Divine Connection Communication with 

Your Spirit Family Team of Light. 

Accessing dormant Gifts and remembering 

Your Joy Creativity and Soul Path.

I will give you practical tools guidance that you can

Take away use explore anchor to create your ongoing

 Spiritual Developmental Journey. 

Ready to Access your Inner Guidance.

Sessions are unique and tailored to where you are on your journey.

I am Guided by both our Spirit Family Teams of Light.

Each session will start with a brief check-in where 

I will explain the map for our time together

The session will then be completed with another check in. 

If the session is via Internet they will be Recorded via Zoom.

I work with a wide spectrum of Approaches over this lifetime and others.

I will be led to use a combination of these holistically including:-

Sound Healing LightLanguage with Voice and Healing Instruments

Quantum Source Light Energy 

Sacred Geometry Grid Template Work

Divine Code DNA Light Language Activations

Star Seed Galactic Past Life Times and Multi-Dimensional Soul Avatar Spirit Soul StarSeed Guides Reunion 

Healing Technologies from Mu Lemuria Atlantis 

And Inner Earth Galactic Realms 

Angelic and Ascended Master Healing 

Kundalini Rising and Awakening

Interstellar Shamanism Guided Journey's 

Spirit Release Chords Contracts Ancestral Karma Akashic Soul Retrieval

Dragon Rose Divine Feminine Initiations

Channelling Mediumship Psychic  

Energy Healing Medical Intuition

Spiritual Mentoring and Spiritual Counselling.

If after the first session it is clear that you need to journey deeply 

I ask Clients to commit to 4 further sessions we review the arrangement 


Soul Alchemy Quantum Session with Sound Healing

Soul Alchemy Quantum Session with Sound Healing

Soul Alchemy Quantum Session with Sound Healing


Either in Person or via Zoom.

If the Session is via Zoom you will also receive a Recording of the Session.

Each Session is Intuitive 

And will be specific to each person 

 Drawing on the range of approaches.

Please see the information above 

for further information. 

Contact me via Email to Book

Soul Reading with Sound Activation Healing

Soul Alchemy Quantum Session with Sound Healing

Soul Alchemy Quantum Session with Sound Healing


Either in Person or via Zoom

We will Tune into your Souls Journey Incarnations Aspects from Multi-Dimensions of Earth and Galactic StarSeed in Origin. So that they can be remembered embraced embodied activated in this Life Timeline. Revealing Core energetic themes explored through different Lives.

Reclaiming Soul Aspects for Gifts and Spiritual Key Resonances. 

We will work with a Highest Aspect Avatar to reveal Soul Gifts and Spiritual Keys. 

For Guidance teaching Wisdom and Activation for your Soul purpose path.

The session will be completed with Sounding LightLanguage to Activate your Merkaba Light Grids DNA and Highest Resonances anchoring them in the Now Moment of all Possibilities. 

These are different from the Quantum Healing Soul Alchemy Sessions. 

Galactic StarSeed Portrait with LightLanguage Hand drawn Custom Made

Galactic StarSeed Portrait with LightLanguage Hand drawn Custom Made

Galactic StarSeed Portrait with LightLanguage Hand drawn Custom Made


Channelled Image 

Light Language Coded Image Hand Drawn 

On A4 WaterColour Paper. 

You will receive the Hard Copy by Post

As well as photo via email.

Each image takes approximately 20 hours.

Also included 30minutes 1:1  Soul Reading to share 

information on the Download in English and LIghtLanguage

The Image is a Soul StarSeed 

Remembering Activation.

Revealing Light Language Codes and Keys.

Along with Guides Past Lives Avatar Aspects 

2 Split Payment Option available 

Contact me via Email to Discuss and Book.

Soul Healing Sound Activation Journey Recording On MP3

Galactic StarSeed Portrait with LightLanguage Hand drawn Custom Made

Galactic StarSeed Portrait with LightLanguage Hand drawn Custom Made



This Recording is a Light Language Channelled Sound Activation 

Either to go alongside the Hand Drawn Galactic StarSeed Portrait 

Or separately following Soul Alchemy Quantum Session 

or Soul Reading.

Bespoke Channelled Interstellar Shamanic Journey 

with Sounding LightLanguage Codes.

To Unlock Soul Keys for Transformation and Activation of

Soul Resonance Path Gifts.

Channelling Messages from your Higher Self Divine Selves 

and Soul StarSeed Family of Light.

This Recording will be completed separately 

and will be sent via email on MP3 format.

Booking Enquires

Sessions are usually between 75 ~ 90 minutes long. 

Preferred times are 

10am to 11am Monday to Friday     3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday. 

Saturdays 4pm to 6pm 

London GMT Time.

Meetings are via Zoom and Recorded. 

There is no set exchange Fee. The suggested range for :-

1:1 Soul Alchemy Quantum or Soul Reading ~ $111(£85) to $150(£115)

Custom made StarSeed Images ~ $200(£155) to $250(£200)

MP3 is $70(£55) to $100(£75)

Send me an email if you want to book.

And if you have any questions regarding your process or

where you are in your journey and how we might work together I am happy to respond.

Once a session is booked exchange is made via 

Paypal Donate Button below

With LOVE and Blessings Zahara Celestial

Current Time Date London England


with Love and Gratitude 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Group Work with Zahara Celestial

Group Workshop or Retreat Intensives are wonderful ways for us to co-create and collaborate with groups communities of people called to specific places on Gaia's Land. 

Part of my work is with Beings connected to significant power places on Gaia. Collaborating with Ascended Beings called to be with Gaia at this time of Evolution. 

I work quantumly with Sacred Geometry Energy Grids Lines Divine Beings. 

And I have been called to Clear and activate places around Gaia to enable the release and Shift for all Beings connected to specific places. 

I enjoy training teaching supporting people to learn remember tools skills gifts for their own development, for group work and working with Gaia and Galactic Planetary work.. 

 I am open to exploring group work for a private or organisational groups and can be arranged by or through you for our mutual benefit.  

I welcome invitations anywhere in the World with a reasonable renumeration to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and expenses. 

I have led a range of Workshops and Retreats for over 25 years in UK and abroad 

This includes Lectures Teaching workshops Leading Ceremonies Gatherings.

I also love to collaborate and be part of a Team and I have extensive experience of co Leading Retreat Intensives for up to 100 people to more intimate bespoke focused gatherings. 

As a guide with numbers of attendees for a public Lecture or Sound Bath the number would be 

20-100 people.  


Please contact me at or use the contact tab to explore the possibilities if you have serious intentions for my services.

What people are saying

"Straigthaway, I felt completely at ease with Zahara. She has a gentle and down to earth loving energy. I was totally amazed at the power of the healing I received from Zahara and all the different energies she brought through with her singing and toning. I felt like I had been round the whole planet and to other galaxies. Zahara was also able to tell me about my personal karma and what she told me was confirmed two days later.  I know that she has removed something within me which had been there since the age of 3, which was hindering my progress. I am really excited to see what happens in the coming weeks. 

Thank you." Nathalie

"I was called to Zahara's Sounds of Light and was absolutely blown away it was 'out of this world' experience expansive and authentic and I was struck by Zahara's presence powerful, connected humble, wise, compassionate and embodying a 'high vibe'. Shortly after i started to work 1:1 where I woke up to my StarSeed origins and my world view has expanded in a few months of working with Zahara more than it has in 20 years of studying and practising Buddhism. She is deeply invested in developing the clients own understanding and self-mastery. rather than becoming dependent on external help and is serving the Ascension process in her own unique and expansive way" Elena

"I can’t seem to find adequate words to express the incredible effect being in Zahara’s presence has had on me. What Zahara offers is completely unique and divinely beautiful. A modest, warm sweet woman, I’m not sure anything can prepare you for the magic and power of her voice: pure, raw, authentic, celestial. Her vocal range is that of an operatic soprano and she is not a trained singer. She guides you with the vibrations of a gong, her voice, Lemurian crystals - on a journey into your soul, the sounds she channels knocks on the door of your inner intrigue, tickles your insides awake and you start to open and make way for new ideas and possibilities. She is the master of holding space whether 1:1 or in a group, for you to feel what you need to feel and then holds you while you release" Natasha

"Zahara is a Healers Healer" Angel

" Zahara is an open hearted caring healer. The way Zahara uses sound is something I have never experienced before and it has a profound effect on me, I could feel my vibration shifting while I lay surrounding to the sounds shifts the different tones had. I have been working on my heart chakra for two years and still getting some pain, the next day i woke up with a clear heart than ever before and my chi was flowing more powerfully. Zahara is fun, loving and gentle and i am grateful for the shift caused by my time with her". Vanessa

"Zahara is a natural healer. I can feel that her gifts have stayed with her through many timelines and only strengthen. I journeyed with her in my mind and in my heart to landscapes of Scotland Norway Iceland and beyond and I could feel the wind and hear the sea and smell the land. I could sense the spirits of the ancient ones who guided her voice and song to heal. I knew that something was shifting for me on such a deep level I could only feel joy and an all encompassing Love and Oneness." Nicola