Divine Ancestral Sacral DNA Healing Activation Workshop

Guided Journey Working with Akashic Records Ancestors and DNA. Channelling Gaia ~ Ancestral Elders and Ascended Guides. Divine Feminine Rose Lineage and Hathor Goddess and Hathor Galactic Beings With Light Language to Clear Release Align and Activate. 

This workshop is for all genders regardless of experience or spiritual practice. There will be 2 dates. The workshop can be attended LIVE or Recorded. PLUS a follow up Q&A. 


The Workshop will work with two main areas.
Chakra and Ancestral Contracts DNA.

Chakra Centres.
Working with all the main Chakra Centres focusing on the Root and Sacral Hara Creation Centres. And the Sacral with Voice Manifestation of Divine Soul Note.
Activation of the Seed Heart Centre of the Sacral Chakra with the Divine Union between the Sacral and Heart Centres.
Activation of Intuition in Hara - Solar Plexus - Third Eye and Divine Seat Chakra.

Ancestral Wounds Contract Releasing
Working with the Akashic Ancestral Mother Lineage to clear core wounding contracts of violence dislocation disease from all Timelines.
Clearing 3D Inverted Matrix Programs and inplants in DNA that have perpetuated false belief in separation from Gaia. 


Activations Calling in will include:

Freedom of Speech Inner Voice Soul Note Vibration
Clear Firm Boundaries
Celebration of Life force Sexuality
Dragon Kundalini
Divine Relationship
Clarity with Decision Making
Free flow access to Inner Guidance and Intuition
Experience of Oneness being held safe with Divine and Gaia  
Visions Sights
Clear Soul Purpose
Abundance Self Worth JOY 


Due to the nature of the work there will be a follow up LIVE for Questions and Answers and Sharing. 


Once the Exchange is received you will be sent an invitation to join the Facebook Group where you will be able to access the Zoom to attend the LIVE and access the Recording of both sessions. 





Exchange £33 to book use Link. Once payment received you will be emailed with the Zoom Links. And invitation to join the Facebook Group.

You will also be sent links for the Recordings of the two Zoom LIVES.

If you have any questions do drop me an email.



This is a 7 Week (Sundays 8pm GMT) Course. Where we will journey through the Galactic Chakras to Activate our Divine Shining Soul Resonance - The Galactic Heart Resonance which we are. Along with Divine Source Light Codes and Upgrades.

31/5 31/5 7/6 14/6 21/6 28/6 5/7 12/7

In these times of accelerated Ascension I was Guided to offer this advanced Course on the Chakras as a continuation from the previous 7 week Course.
This will also be a weekly Course so that there will be on going support. 

And allow time for the work. 

It is not necessary to have attended the previous Charka course to enrol onto this one.

We will activate the Cosmic HEART Portals through the journey with the 7 extra Ascension Chakras. Completing our Journey with the Great Central Sun Source. 

Our Divine Flame in each of our Chakras Portals to Source.

So we BEcome Pillars of Light as each of the Charkas converge within the Divine Song of Creation.

There will be Weekly Classes every Sunday of 7 weeks. Same time and they will be recorded so you can attend at your time. There will be check ins during each class. 

And the Facebook Group for extra support and sharing.

Along with the LIVE Zoom Classes you will also receive Light Language Drawn Images for each Chakra.
Each Sunday Class will last between 1 hour and 1 hour 15mins. Will be LIVE on Zoom and be recorded. Recording will be accessed via the Facebook Page and can be downloaded to your computer.
You will also receive 7 MP3 Guided Journey's each week prior to each class.

We will work with:-

Kundalini Energy through Journey Energy work with the Chakras and Middle Pillar.
Merkabah - through the GodSeat - Universal Heart - Pineal - Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
Chakras - Universal Heart, GodSeat, Pineal, Earthstar, Dolphin Matrix, Inner Earth, Whale Matrix, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and Intergalactic Gateway, Christ Consciousness.
Inner City Realms of Lemuria and Atlantis and Avalon
Emerald and Fey Realm ~ Golden Beings of Solar Logos
Galactic Ascended Beings of Whale and Dragon ~ Galactic Family of LIght
Uriel Ariel. Gabriel. Michael. Raphael. Sandalphon.
Guides Sandalphon Metatron Melchezedeck St Germain Lady Nada Mary Elohim Christ Merlin
Elementals Beings  ~ Gaia ~ Divine Source Energies

We will work with Specific Ascended Masters Angelic Ones, Guides, Elementals to release programming of mind emotion body. We will be working with Kundalini Rising and Awakening.
You will be given Specific Light Language Coded Images for the Angelic Guide and Chakra.
You will be led on Guided Journey's for Activation and Clearing which will be spoken word and Channelled Sounding.

Before each class there will be a time for a check in. And everyone can use the Facebook Page to share.
For this Course if you are I also recommend Maya Fiennes Detox and Destress Kundalini Yoga DVD which you can order from Amazon. 

Summary what the Course will include:

  • Weekly LIVE Class on Zoom for 7 weeks every Sunday at 8pm London Time. Sessions will be recorded to be watched at a time OK for you.
  • MP3 Guided Journey every week 
  • Light Language Codes every week

The energetic financial exchange for the Course is £80
If you are not able to make that amount a 2 split payment of £40 can be made.
If you are a Patreon Member I am asking £55.

Payments through this link:

If you have any Questions do drop me aline. And I am happy to discuss other options 

for exchange as I do not want finances to be a block.
I am extremely excited to be bringing this course to everyone. And I realise why I have waited up to now. For this is the perfect timing.
Zahara and my Family of Light


£80 or $98 for whole Access to Course. LIVE and Recordings of Sessions.  You will need to add in the amount and Currency. 


Book for Course

£80 or £55 if you are a Soul Star Community Patreon Member ~ with Love and Gratitude 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Channelled Sounding with sedna Gong Voice and Healing Instruments



Full Moon


Saturday 6th June

Tuesday 5th July

Each Sounding will be different depending on who attends, where we are in our individual and group Journey, which Guides are called and the specific phase of the Moon in the Solar Year. The Guides will make up a Council of Light called to support the specific Evening of Transformation and Healing.

Children Welcome if they are able to be still relaxed and respectful of the Sacred Space.

Click the link below to find out more and purchase tickets either for each event or the whole series. 

Presented by The School of Intuition and Healing 

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Work with Me

Group Workshop or Retreat Intensives are wonderful ways for us to co-create and collaborate with groups communities of people called to specific places on Gaia's Land. 

Part of my work is with Beings connected to significant power places on Gaia. Collaborating with Ascended Beings called to be with Gaia at this time of Evolution. 

I work quantumly with Sacred Geometry Energy Grids Lines Divine Beings. 

And I have been called to Clear and activate places around Gaia to enable the release and Shift for all Beings connected to specific places. 

I enjoy training teaching supporting people to learn remember tools skills gifts for their own development, for group work and working with Gaia and Galactic Planetary work.. 

I am open to exploring group work for a private or organisational group and can be arranged by or through you for our mutual benefit.  

I welcome invitations anywhere in the World with a reasonable renumeration to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and expenses. 

I have led a range of Workshops and Retreats for over 25 years in UK and abroad 

This includes Lectures Teaching workshops Leading Ceremonies Gatherings.

I also love to collaborate and be part of a Team and I have extensive experience of co Leading Retreat Intensives for up to 100 people to more intimate bespoke focused gatherings. 

As a guide with numbers of attendees for a public Lecture or Sound Bath the number would be 

20-100 people.  


Please contact me at or use the contact tab to explore the possibilities if you have serious intentions for my services.