Language of Light is Ancient Celestial Communication. Sacred Resonance.

It is the Symphony of the Flower of Life that is Creation. 

Divine Code that Awakens realigns all in perfect Harmony. 

Awakening Activating our Soul to Source Vibration.

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Serpent Energies in Ecstatic Unity. 

It is the Song of the Cosmic Dragon Cosmic Whale. 

Zahara Celestial

The Language of the Birds is the language of angels, of forbidden knowledge and of life. 

The Latin aves, or bird, is phonetically the same as avi, angel,18 ava, apple 

(the symbol of forbidden knowledge), and ova, life.  Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden spoke a mysterious primordial language, and that this language (symbolised by the apple) provided immense power and abundance to humanity.  With this language, promise mystics, we can heal our world and ourselves, transforming it from wasteland into a garden or a paradise. When ‘in tune’ or resonating with nature we bring magic into our lives, and an effortless flow of synchronicity. 

William Henry

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